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Loss Consulting

More innovation and change within the insurance loss industry has occured recently than in the past fifty years combined. Much of the change has been driven by the demands of the marketplace to expedite the loss processes.

Insurance carriers recognize the need to more swiftly and accurately, document loss information and provide answers and services for an ever-demanding market. To assist the insurance carriers in defining the many areas of a particular loss site, larger property carriers have developed an approach of managing the claim versus the traditional approach of handling the claim.

Texas General has coined the term "Loss Consulting" as the tool by which the insurance carrier decides to engage a knowledgeable contractor to assist in the managing of the claim settlement process. The insurance industry has found many ways to tap into available resources to aid their insured in a fair and equitable settlement. Today, this process is used by all major insurance companies, by many attorneys, both plaintiff and defense, in helping to determine the cost associated with the restoration rebuild.

Many times the insured desires to employ a local contractor he is comfortable with; however the contractor has no experience or understanding of the claims process or how to proceed with a water or fire damaged property. Texas General can then begin a surgical demolition process of the facility for the owner and adjuster where no gray area exists. Throughout this process, we assist in educating the owner’s contractor-of-choice on the accepted process of insurance loss settlements, assuring him we are only taking the facility to a recognizable , construction make-ready state. We can then advise the owner’s contractor in preparing his estimate for reconstruction, if necessary.



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